The NYCCL is a one of a kind, exciting, scholastic Chess League that students can participate in all year long.

With over $60,000 in prize money, there has never been a better time to challenge yourself to play often and better!

Weekly Cash prizes coupled with an opportunity to play in a $10,000 Championship at the end of the season, creates an excitement seldom seen in the game of Chess.

Playing (3), approximately (1) hour, USCF Rated matches (and FIDE accepted time controls), afford Players the opportunity to practice, train, play and push their ratings as high as they can go!

All without sacrificing full days to play, wait, play and wait to play again, encouraging more well rounded days for our Youth, all while developing their skills and gaining every advantage the game of Chess has to offer!

Folks, let's play some Chess for the fun of it! Let's compete (against ourselves)!